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Peloton Partners with First Paying PlatoonPro Customer

By: Joyce Tam, VP of Customer Programs

Image of white sleeper vehicle with 53' trailer

Peloton’s platooning system, PlatoonPro, is designed to help fleets and shippers with some of their most significant costs and challenges–it has the potential to dramatically improve safety, reduces fuel use and related emissions, eliminates driver response time in a braking scenario, and allows drivers to collaborate and operate as a team. Beginning in 2018, Peloton began to seek partners to utilize PlatoonPro on a small scale, giving fleets and shippers the opportunity to experience the benefits of platooning by paying us to haul their freight.

Our first major customer fleet partnership experience took place in October 2018 and to ensure a successful venture, we extensively discussed driver and management perspectives, safety metrics, operational efficiencies, and baseline fuel economy. Together, this effort paid off: this fleet utilized PlatoonPro over eight days, 3,500+ miles, and carried over 450,000 pounds of freight–an amazing experience for both Peloton and the fleet as the first partner opportunity.

This experience is our way of working with fleets to create a snapshot of how platooning can fit into their operations. Our hope is that fleets will see this value and employ PlatoonPro across more of their trucks, savings greater amounts of fuel, increasing the overall safety of their fleet, and promoting teamwork among their drivers.