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December 13, 2018
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March 26, 2019
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PlatoonPro Truck Platooning: Safety Report

From the moment that Peloton was founded, we have made safety our top priority. Now, we continue to make a conscious effort to be transparent with our customers, partners, and the public about how we approach safety.

In honor of that transparency, we have created a safety report, which is meant to engage with our community on PlatoonPro and Peloton’s safety approach. In this safety report, we describe what the PlatoonPro system is, how it is integrated with industry-leading safety technologies, how we decided on and implemented PlatoonPro’s functionalities, our work with drivers, industry, and regulators, and our rigorous testing philosophy. 

We hope that you find this report to be informative and helpful in understanding how Peloton and PlatoonPro are working to make the industry safer and more efficient.

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