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March 26, 2019
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BP Low Carbon Accreditation Program Validates Peloton’s Fuel Economy Advances

By: Sara Lewis, Product Marketing Manager

Fuel savings has always been one of the core promises of Peloton’s truck platooning technology.

Now, we are happy to announce another important proof point of our fuel-savings benefits: Peloton has received accreditation under BP’s Advancing Low Carbon (ACL) program, which is designed to encourage reduction of carbon emissions while still working to meet growing energy demand.

The ACL program provides accreditation in three areas:

  • Reducing emissions throughout BP’s own operations
  • Improving BP’s products
  • Creating low-carbon businesses

Peloton’s accreditation falls into the third area, and BP cites our “furthering research and technology to advance low carbon.”

BP, which also participated in Peloton’s B round of financing, highlighted our platooning technology system “that allows freight trucks to travel closely together to reduce emissions.” Based on industry-standard tests, the Peloton system has proven fuel savings of more than 7%: 4.5% for the lead truck and 10% for the following truck.

Peloton has already demonstrated that we can significantly improve fuel economy in an industry not known for its climate-friendly energy consumption. This ACL accreditation from BP is further validation that our platooning technology can help ease the environmental burden of the economically critical trucking industry.