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Platooning Hardware

Each Peloton PlatoonPro-enabled truck is outfitted with world-class sensing capabilities that are combined with common-sense design to be easy for the driver to use and effective in supporting the driver.

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    Forward-looking Camera

    The Peloton camera sends data to the display, with the display on the following truck showing what the camera on the lead truck is seeing

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    System Display

    A 7-inch display is used to view platooning opportunities, system status, and video transmission; the following truck can see the lead truck view captured by the forward-looking camera

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    Platooning Control Unit

    The Platooning Control Unit, or Peloton ECU, contains microprocessors, memory, radios, and environmental control logic that interfaces with truck control logic to support platooning

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    Driver Controls

    Toggle and rotary switches are used to start or end a platoon and to adjust settings, such as brightness, volume, trailer configuration

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    GPS, DSRC, Cellular, and WI-FI Antennae

    DSRC antennae enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, while the LTE antenna supports cloud communication and a GPS antenna supports truck positioning and gap control between platooning trucks

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    A dedicated speaker, mounted behind the driver’s head on the back inside wall of the cab, lets drivers use voice communication with their platooning partners

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    Push-to-talk Pedal

    A pedal located to the left of the acceleration and braking pedals opens a hands-free communication channel between drivers

  • Safety

    Radar-based Collision Mitigation

    A radar mounted to the front bumper of every truck constantly monitors the road ahead and engages the brakes faster than a human driver when necessary; platooning builds on the safety of existing radar systems

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