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Peloton’s Network Operations Cloud (NOC)

Every truck with Peloton's PlatoonPro system is connected to the NOC, which provides eligibility for each platooning operation. Continued monitoring means we’re “always aware”, able to pair trucks or dissolve platoons at any time in response to changing weather, traffic, truck, or other conditions. We incorporate truck data and the external environment to ensure driver safety at all times.

  • Safety

    Over the Horizon Alerts

    Trucks (individual or paired) can be alerted to safety conditions they may soon face ­including accidents, traffic, construction, and changing weather.

  • Safety


    To ensure platooning is safe at all times, we dynamically manage the geographic areas and conditions in which platooning can occur–on divided multilane highways under lower traffic conditions.

  • Safety

    Safety approval

    The NOC identifies potential platooning partners, establishing approval for platooning to begin when trucks are authenticated and conditions are safe.

  • Safety

    Intelligent ordering

    Based on a variety of factors, including load and braking performance, the NOC intelligently orders the trucks to ensure they can drive and brake together safely.

  • Safety


    Under appropriate conditions and upon NOC approval, two drivers can choose to form a platoon, increasing fuel efficiency for both trucks.

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