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January 16, 2018
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Peloton Technology Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

By: Rod McLane, VP of Marketing

It’s no secret that professional truck drivers are what keep America moving, all 3.5 million of them, so its only fitting that we take a moment this week to thank them during 2017 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Many communities around the US rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver their goods, which only goes to highlight their important role in the US economy. But it’s not only the routine services we want to thank these drivers for this week. In response to the recent storms that have hit the southern states, we have witnessed thousands of professional drivers take to the highways to support the relief efforts and deliver much needed supplies to areas of the country impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. For this, we wanted to add a special “Thank You” and our hope that they stay safe out on the roads.

Peloton Truck Drivers

Jake Gregory, Marty Taft, Dave Mercer, Dave Mackey

We also wanted to take a moment this week to recognize our own testing and development drivers who have been instrumental in helping bring Peloton’s vision for driver-assistive truck platoon to the market.

These guys are all professional drivers with many years (and hundreds of thousands of miles) under their belts, and we are excited to highlight their thoughts on platooning on our new Drivers page on the Peloton Technology Website. You can now hear directly from our drivers about some of the common questions surrounding driver-assistive truck platooning such as:

  • What did you think about platooning when you first tried it?
  • What’s it like to push the (platooning) button and take your feet off the throttle?
  • What happens if there is a glitch in the system?

We hope this new page will be a valuable resource for drivers looking for some real-world answers about driver-assistive truck platooning which can actually improve driver safety in addition to the fuel saving benefits of platooning.

To learn more about how Peloton is helping improve driver safety and fuel economy with driver-assistive truck platooning check out our website at Stay safe drivers and thanks again for keeping America moving!