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November 5, 2015
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Peloton Demonstrates Truck Platooning for Top Utah Transportation Officials

Peloton Demonstrates Truck Platooning for Top Utah Transportation Officials


Salt Lake City, UT – Peloton Technology partnered with the Utah Department of Transportation to hold a demonstration of its two-truck platooning system on I-80 in Tooele County outside of Salt Lake City for top state officials today. The demonstration was attended by a wide range of state transportation leaders, including Utah Department of Transportation Executive Director Carlos Braceras, Utah State Senator Kevin Van Tassell, Utah Trucking Association Executive Director Rick Clasby, and members of the Utah Highway Patrol. Attendees participated in a ride-along that featured demonstrations of the Peloton Network Operations Center functionality, platooning formation, driver shared video system, and coordinated braking initiated by both the front truck driver and by the collision mitigation system reacting to a slowing vehicle ahead of the platoon without driver input.

The demonstration was also covered heavily by local media, including the Deseret News, Salt Lake City Tribune, and local news affiliates of CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

“The system allows two semi-trucks to platoon together, similar to drafting off a bicycle. The two trucks connect within about 40 feet of each other and simultaneously brake, accelerate and react to road hazards up to 800 feet away,” UDOT spokesperson John Gleason said.

Utah State Legislature and Utah Department of Transportation have taken a leadership role in allowing testing and demonstration of new connected vehicle technologies like truck platooning to help increase road safety and efficiency in the Beehive state. A key step in bringing truck platooning to Utah was passing H.B. 373, a connected vehicle testing bill sponsored by Rep. John Knotwell and Sen. Aaron Osmond that was signed into law by Governor Herbert earlier in the year.

“(Technology like truck platooning) is just helping to move the entire technological front forward,” said UDOT ITS program manager Blaine Leonard. “There is the safety issue — of making sure that as we increase how much freight is moving on our highways, systems like this can help prevent crashes and be safer (overall).”