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July 19, 2016
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Peloton Technology Statement on ATA Truck Driver Appreciation Week and CVSA Brake Safety Week

Peloton Technology Honors Drivers for ATA Truck Driver Appreciation Week and CVSA Brake Safety Week

Peloton Technology
, an automated and connected vehicle technology company focused on improving the safety, efficiency, and productivity of transportation, is proud to honor professional drivers during ATA’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 11-17. Freight trucking is the lifeblood of the American Economy, and the importance, skill, and dedication of the 3.5 million men and women who power this industry cannot be overstated. Peloton Technology would like to give thanks to all commercial drivers who help keep this country moving forward, especially Peloton’s team of full-time staff drivers.


The Importance of Drivers in Platooning

In 2013, Peloton set out to demonstrate its Truck Platooning System to improve the safety and efficiency of freight trucking. The System allows two drivers to save a combined average of 7.5% in fuel by operating in an aerodynamic platoon, with the acceleration and braking of the rear truck automated to match the front truck via a secure and encrypted vehicle-to-vehicle wireless link. In platoon, both drivers always steer and remain in control of their trucks.

Peloton recognized early on that any technology seeking to improve truck safety must leverage the experience of professional drivers. Peloton has used input from its own drivers, as well as drivers throughout the industry, to design a driver-centric system that is intuitive to use and recognizes the importance of the driver contribution to safety.

Peloton’s two-truck platooning system ensures both drivers remain fully in control of their vehicles, steering at all times, and able to utilize their experience and expertise to remain the safest drivers on the road. Each Peloton platoon-enabled truck is connected to a cloud-based “Network Operations Center,” which further enhances safety by providing the driver with safety alerts to upcoming road hazards at all times, whether in platoon or driving alone.


CVSA Brake Safety Week

This week is also CVSA’s annual Brake Safety Week, which shines a spotlight on commercial vehicle brake safety throughout North America. Peloton has designed its platooning system to leverage the latest commercially available safety systems, including air disc brakes, electronic stability control, lane departure warning, and collision mitigation systems. NHTSA estimates that Electronic Stability Control can prevent up to 1,759 crashes per year and save more than $300 million annually across the industry[1], while Meritor WABCO reports currently deployed collision mitigation systems are preventing 65-87% of crashes and reducing crash costs by 89% for fleets.[2] The significant fuel savings from platooning create a clear and consistent financial benefit for fleets to more rapidly adopt these safety technologies, which helps increase penetration rates throughout the industry.

This week is a great opportunity to give thanks to the professional drivers who power the American economy, and think about how we can all work toward reducing crashes in the future. Peloton Technology will continue to build deep partnerships with drivers, fleets, truck OEMs, suppliers, and government to bring safety and efficiency-focused vehicle technologies to the freight trucking industry.


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